MOON CREATIONS School of Information Technology (MCSIT) is a learning institution that upholds the importance of moral values & social responsibility. MCSIT aims to become an instrument of learning, growth and development to their students, to share knowledge and enhance skills necessary in the completion of their education and instill the importance of good values and religion to help in their moral and spiritual development.

The vision of this institute is to impart Quality Computer Education among each and every class of students. The purpose, the aim and drive of this institute is to equip the student with the most excellent computer proficiency so that he may function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world, and far more important to create the right climate so that the student may develop fully as a complete technically skilled professional. Apart from this, to search and develop new software packages which contributes in the progress of nation. One of the main aims is to provide the students the prompt and satisfactory services to develop and maintain good relations with our students. 

Thus, MCSIT envisions its graduates to be well-rounded individuals who are:


1-Physically fit, emotionally stable, morally sound and intellectually prepared.


2-Responsible individual with high integrity.


3-Service-oriented persons who are responsive to the moral, spiritual, cultural, social and economic needs of our country.


4-Innovative and active participants in the shaping of the future I.T. generation.


5-Build a strong research and teaching environment that responds swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century.